Twenty-three years ago today, co-creator of this business (and co-creator of my sister and me), William Bracker, was taken to the big pottery studio in the great beyond.

I still remember being absolutely enthralled watching him trim pots.  “Make snakes, daddy,” I used to say.

And I still remember him taking my play-doh fun factory to use as a mini extruder.

And I still remember him Tom Sawyer’ing me into popping all the wads off their pots as he and Mom unloaded the salt kiln.

Needless to say, he is still missed, yet ever-present around here.  I see him in everything.  And fiddlesticks…I told myself I wouldn’t cry while writing this.  Well….

Since December 1st (Dad’s birthday), of 1995, we have donated a pottery wheel to a variety of schools, arts centers, institutions, and universities.  Each of these locations have been selected because of a special connection to dad or to Bracker’s as a business such as

  • University of Kansas (where Dad taught)
  • the Lawrence Arts Center (where my sister and I both learned to throw…her better than I)
  • several Lawrence, KS schools,
  • the KC Clay Guild (Mom and Dad were founding members),
  • Washburn University,
  • the Kansas City Art Institute,
  • Underwood High School (where Dad went to school),
  • Purdue University (where Dad taught before KU)

But it’s time to move beyond these ties.  For this year, we are inviting programs to make their case to be the recipient of the Bill Bracker Memorial Wheel. Simply fill out the form below and submit it to us.