I was inspired this month by the Liberty Bell…The simplistic beauty of the cast iron reminded me of Mid-South Ceramics Supply’s opulence glaze, “Antique Iron.”  This glaze, particularly when thin, bears a strong resemblance to its namesake.  When thicker, a variegated blue-grey foam floats over the iron color, and it adds a nice depth when layered with other glazes. 506px-Liberty_Bell_2008Opulence Glazes are packaged dry in 5# bags.  I typically mix these glazes at a 1:1 ratio, 1 # of dry glaze to 1# of water.  And I can’t help but sing to myself “a pint is a pound the world around” as I’m measuring out my water.  And I’m guessing that from now on, you, too, will sing that to yourself as you measure water, whether for cooking or for glaze.  Enjoy!

Opulence 600 Antique Iron 5# Bag Retail Price $25.00

Special Glaze of the Month Price $20.00

In the photo gallery below, click on any image to open it larger.  You can then navigate between images in a full-screen environment.  Thanks to Amy Meya for providing an image of her work!  To view more, visit her website.  To purchase Opulence Antique Iron, visit our shopping site.  Click here to go directly to the item!