We now offer Glaze Mixing Services here at Bracker’s! 


Provide us with your recipe and we can dry blend it for you.

We are excited to announce this new service.  Over the years we have gotten a handful of requests from individuals who want to slowly move into using glazes mixed from recipes rather than buying commercial glazes.  Recently, with findings of the Covid virus bonding to dust, we have been getting quite a few more requests, not just from indivuals, but from common studios (arts centers, universities, some high schools) who want to ensure the saftey of their staff and students by eliminating as much risk as possible.  Because we require the use of N95 masks when our employees measure out chemicals, there is little to no risk of covid contamination.  Therefore, we have decided to provide this service to our clay family.  Initially, we are offering the following: 

Test batch (includes all materials): $10.00 per 400-500 gram batch

Full batch* measuring fee: $15 per 5000 grams

“Nerd Service”: $2.50 per recipe

(this is for people who struggle with math and converting recipes from parts to pounds or grams.  We don’t judge, we just add, (or subtract, multiply and divide as needed.)


We are currently only dry-blending glazes, so when you receive your mixtures, you should wear an N95 mask when blending them with water, ideally while you are the only person in the room.   If you are interested in having us mix up your glazes liquid, please let us know.  We are considering adding this option as well, if needed.


This service is available via our online store, or you can email your request to mail@brackers.com, or call us by phone at 785.841.4750. Mixing will be completed within 1 to 2 business days and you will be notified via email or phone when your glazes are ready to be picked up (or shipped). Always be sure to fire a test piece with the glaze prior to using it in large scale production.


*Chemicals used in each batch are sold separately. A price quote can be requested for chemicals prior to finalizing the order.