With the pandemic raging on, we have found that many ceramic enthusiasts have been left without access to teachers and instruction.

We are excited to help fill that gap with our new Custom Consulting Services

Even before Covid-19 shut down many clay centers, we were often asked to provide unique and individual services to meet a variety of needs ranging from one on one throwing lessons to valuation services for estate sales or legal proceedings, to in depth analyses of glaze or clay body formulas or what raw material will best represent “wild old west” dust on a film set (no kidding).  

We think of our founder, Anne W. Bracker, as the grand dame of all there is to know about clay (and we’re probably not too far off from the truth there!) Over the years she has accumulated a vast library of books (many of which are out of print,) and has so many notes, cards and recipes that she’s a walking clay encyclopedia. We have learned so much from her and her generosity in teaching and sharing clay knowledge with the world and we strive to model that generosity with you, our customers.  

We have always provided a vast array of free information and advice and we will definitely continue to do so.  From maintaining a website full of resources you can read/watch/download/click on to providing answers in store or over the phone, we are still committed to excellent customer service and in most cases, a 5 minute explanation is all someone needs to solve their problem.  

We have realized though, especially with the amount of home-studio work now happening, that some people want or need more in-depth and personalized answers, examples, demonstrations, or solutions.  So here we are…

In order to continue to provide excellent service to all of our customers, we are asking that these more in-depth Q&A sessions be scheduled in advance, whether here in our store, via an electronic/remote (zoom, facetime, etc) connection.   During your session, we will be completely focused on you and your needs.

Things we can’t do:
Q: I broke an antique ceramic thing. Could you repair it?
A: No, we don’t do repairs on finished artwork. Ask yourself if it’s dear to you because it’s a sentimental object or is it something that is monetarily valuable? Sentimental repairs can often be made with Superglue, but if you’re looking for something a little more special, check out the Japanese technique “kintsugi.” For something monetarily valuable, search for art restoration services online.

Q. Do you buy or sell used equipment
A. No but we can help. check our list of things we can do at the left for information about our equipment valuation/assessment options.  We can also help you find the best place to list your equipment or look for a used item to purchase.

Q. Do you buy used molds?
A. No, sorry. We just don’t have the space to store them.

Start your personalized service by filling out the form below and we will be in touch soon!

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