Anne’s 30 Favorite Teapots

As I write this post, it’s the night before Anne W. Bracker’s Second Saturday. I’m scheduling this to post on Saturday at 11 am, the approximate time she’ll be talking about her teapots – I don’t want to reveal her final picks before she can do it herself during her demo. And I definitely won’t reveal the names of the artist for each teapot until after 3 pm (have fun guessing until then!). Mom spent about an hour this evening ordering, sorting, and re-ordering 30 of her favorite teapots from her legendary collection to share with friends who stop by during her “Anne & Friends” demo. I was able to quickly snap a picture of each teapot and upload it here for our friends who can’t make it to today’s Second Saturday event.


Now keep in mind that I’m her eldest daughter. I’m 40 years old and have been around cherished and expensive pottery all of my life. But Mom’s teapot collection is so precious to her that she would barely let me even touch the teapots tonight. We had a busy day today and she wanted to get home and relax a little, so she kind of rushed the photo session. I really wanted to take pictures of the light colored or white teapots against a black background, but that would have required extra fussing (I can be… particular) that would have taken another half hour or so (who am I kidding? it probably would have taken another couple of hours). So I had to make do with the white background in my lightbox, with the same camera settings, and the same lighting setup for all of the teapots. Not my best photographic effort. I have to admit that I resorted to some Photoshop manipulation to make sure that the images of the pots themselves would be true to the actual, in-person teapot. So please forgive the variation in the backgrounds and shadows and glint of too much light on several of the pots. I will eventually take replacement shots of the less-than-awesome images.


Until then, please enjoy browsing through her 30 favorite teapots. It was truly an agonizing choice for her to pick just 30 – they’re all her babies and they all have special stories. A video of her talking about her teapots during her Second Saturday will be forthcoming in the days ahead.


~Anne M. Bracker

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