AMACO’s Ancient Jasper has been one of my favourite glazes since it was introduced two years ago.  I’ve wanted to feature it since then, but it seems to frequently be sold out.  Why?  Well, because it is just that gorgeous!   I first identified this as the single glaze that looks like a layered glaze.  It truly is.  The incredible depth of the glaze and how it breaks is beautiful enough by itself.  Layering it with other glazes provides a wide variety of other looks.  It is very consistent and reliable. In the gallery of images below, please click on the little “i” in the top right corner to see information about glaze combinations, reduction materials, etc.

Pint Regular Price: $9.95 / Glaze of the Month Price: $8.00

Gallon Regular Price: $49.95 / Glaze of the Month Price: $40.00

25# Dry Regular Price: $140.00 / Glaze of the Month Price: $120.00



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