Recently, I saw this image on Instagram, and I was absolutely enchanted.  Although I have thought for years that the CTLs offered a nice and fairly unique surface, seeing them fired at Cone 3 blew my mind, so I wanted to share the results and challenge you to test your own limits…see what you can do with them!  Keep in mind, that not every test you do is going to turn out to be all you hoped for and more.  Some things won’t work, or won’t look good, but don’t let it discourage you from continuing onward!  Do be sure that you test safely…anytime you fire a glaze outside of its recommended range, please use a catch tray, and don’t ever test on a favourite piece.   But Definitely DO try new things!  To add extra enticement,

the CTL glazes will be on sale for 20% off ALL MONTH!