In honor of our Kristen Kieffer workshop, we decided to highlight a technique and the products necessary to pull off that technique.  Kristen is known for many things, but one of them is her beautiful translucent glazes.  I’ve long loved the images I’d seen of her work, and how those translucent colours so nicely compliment the ornate elegance she sliptrails onto her pieces.  However, it was not until I had seen them in person that I realized she has both gloss and satin surfaces in those translucent glazes, often on the same piece, and I just love how the subtlety of the surface enhances the beautiful slip trailing & stamping work on the pieces.

Kristen mixes up her own glazes, but you can achieve a similar effect by simply mixing mason stains into a clear glaze.  A good rule of thumb is a single 1/4# bag of stain to a pint of glaze.  However, depending on the intensity of the stain, and the potter’s desired appearance, the total percentage may vary anywhere from 10-40%.  For this month, we are offering a rare discount on Mason Stains…10% off all 1/4# bags (current Mason Stain prices are listed below).  And of course, we have a great price on Spectrum’s low-fire clears, gloss AND satin!

AMACO HF-9 Zinc-Free Clear:

Pint Retail Price $10.95  Special Glaze of the Month Price $8.75

Gallon Retail Price $39.00  Special Glaze of the Month Price $31.00


AMACO HF-12 Clear Satin:

Pint Retail Price $10.95  Special Glaze of the Month Price $8.75

Gallon Retail Price $54.95  Special Glaze of the Month Price $43.00


Item CodeColourRetail PriceSpecial
MS6000Shell Pink$8.30$7.47
MS6001Alpine Rose$8.30$7.47
MS6002Rose Pink$8.30$7.47
MS6006Deep Crimson$8.30$7.47
MS6020Mn Alumina Pink$4.24$3.82
MS6021Red (formerly K5987)$15.77$14.19
MS6022Shrimp Pink$9.57$8.61
MS6023Clover Pink$7.30$6.57
MS6025Coral Red$10.27$9.24
MS6031Deep Salmon$7.27$6.54
MS6065Cr Alumina Pink$4.64$4.18
MS6067Pink Extender$8.00$7.20
MS6069Dark Coral$3.33$3.00
MS6088Dark Red (formerly K5988)$14.50$13.05
MS6097Cherry Red (formerly K5997)$14.93$13.44
MS6101Chestnut Brown$4.47$4.02
MS6103Golden Brown$4.47$4.02
MS6107Dark Golden Brown$4.47$4.02
MS6109Deep Brown$4.87$4.38
MS6121Saturn Orange$4.47$4.02
MS6126Hazelnut Brown$4.77$4.29
MS6129Golden Ambrosia$4.40$3.96
MS6134Red Brown$4.60$4.14
MS6153Seal Brown$3.53$3.18
MS6163Terra Cotta$4.47$4.02
MS6201Celadon Green$4.53$4.08
MS6202Florentine Green$5.97$5.37
MS6204Victoria Green$4.60$4.14
MS6206Grass Green$4.13$3.72
MS6209Chrome Green$6.47$5.82
MS6211Pea Green$9.00$8.10
MS6219French Green$4.70$4.23
MS6223Ivy Green$5.40$4.86
MS6224Dark Green$4.50$4.05
MS6226Dark Leaf Green$3.83$3.45
MS6242Bermuda Green$6.47$5.82
MS6244Deep Sea Green$7.37$6.63
MS6246Blue Green$6.00$5.40
MS6265Leaf Green$4.63$4.17
MS6266Peacock Green$9.27$8.34
MS6271Mint Green$4.63$4.17
MS6300Mazerine Blue$9.17$8.25
MS6302Cadet Blue$8.93$8.04
MS6303Deep Orchid$7.71$6.94
MS6304Cr Tin Violet$16.04$14.44
MS6306Vivid Blue$5.68$5.11
MS6307Pastel Blue$4.11$3.70
MS6308Delphinium Blue$6.77$6.09
MS6310Wedgewood Blue$7.73$6.96
MS6336Peacock Blue$9.55$8.60
MS6360Willow Blue$9.17$8.25
MS6363Sky Blue$3.84$3.46
MS6364Turquoise Blue$5.60$5.04
MS6368Copen Blue$4.27$3.84
MS6371Dark Teal Blue$8.27$7.44
MS6376Robin’s Egg Blue$5.15$4.64
MS6381Blackberry Wine$8.29$7.46
MS6385Pansy Purple$8.37$7.53
MS6389Sapphire Blue$9.07$8.16
MS6391Zr Vn Blue$5.04$4.54
MS6392Dusty Lavender$6.56$5.90
MS6404Vanadium Yellow$11.24$10.12
MS6450Praseodymium Yellow$6.73$6.06
MS6464Zirconium Yellow$6.69$6.02
MS6471Old Gold$8.30$7.47
MS6485Titanium Yellow$4.64$4.18
MS6500Sage Grey$5.47$4.92
MS6528Charcoal Grey$8.04$7.24
MS6540Blue Grey$9.90$8.91
MS6572Neutral Grey$3.84$3.46
MS6573Rose Taupe$5.27$4.74
MS6616Chrome-free Black$7.84$7.06
MS6650Cobalt-free Black$5.31$4.78
MS6666Cobalt-free Black$5.73$5.16





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