PC-32 Albany Slip Brown is an “Artistic Float Glaze”. These glazes need a certain thickness to float materials to the top surface of the glaze. This creates interest where the glaze pools in texture or drips.pc32-application-tiles-and-sake-cup-pp(If the glaze is applied too thinly, the glaze will not be able to float. The end result will be flat and probably an incorrect color.) The tiles show the float developing as the glaze is applied more heavily. Float makes these glazes perfect for layering. (Albany Slip Brown can be very fluid if applied too heavily.)  Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 8.45.50 AM Albany Slip works beautifully as a layering glaze too.  Click on image at left to enlarge.  Also see more images of work featuring PC32 below, as well as two videos demonstrating layering techniques with brushing and with dipping.  Albany Slip Brown is AP Non-Toxic, Lead-Free and Safe for Dinnerware Applications.   For Liquid Preparations of the glaze, Shake well before use.   Thin with water and AMACO® Gum Solution if needed. Apply 3 coats of glaze to Cone 04 bisque. (Let the glaze dry between coats.) Glaze fire to Cone 5-6.  For the 25# dry preparation:  Do not produce dust. Wear a NIOSH approved mask for dust or mist. Do not empty glaze powder into another container. Add water gradually into the bucket, stirring slowly. The glaze level will drop in the bucket as you mix in the water, allowing for more water additions until a creamy consistency is achieved. To insure a homogenous mixture, use a glaze mixer attached to a hand drill. Mix for at least half an hour. Although every glaze formula will have its own special water requirements, a basic recipe is to add 3 1/3 gallons of water to 25 pounds of dry glaze. Add a little more water if needed. One pound of AMACO® dry glaze will make approximately one pint of liquid glaze. Try not to let the glaze become thinner than needed, since the lower the viscosity, the greater the chance that heavy glaze particles will settle out. AMACO® glazes have a sufficient suspending agent to prevent settling unless an excessive amount of water is added. Store prepared glazes in their own airtight buckets.  Before each use, stir well. If it is too thick, add some water very cautiously until it has the consistency of thin cream (dipping consistency). Dip the Cone 04 (1940°F, 1060°C) bisque fired piece into the glaze, lift it out and turn it over, allowing the excess glaze to pour out. The glaze will stop running as soon as it is lifted out of the bucket. Application is uniform and there is no waiting for it to drip or dry. Fire to witness Cone 5-6.

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Request Material Safety Data Sheets when using in manufacturing. Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.

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