January’s glaze of the month has a lovely satin surface but with a hard enough finish to be food safe.  This makes it an excellent liner for dinnerware.  20765Aptly named, the color is reminiscent of the fur of its namesake, with a subtle variation of shades from honey to chestnut brown.  Spectrum’s Low-Stone line of glazes originally consisted of 24 colors.  They were so popular that more colors were added, and the line continues to be a favorite among low-fire ceramicists. Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 9.52.57 AM Camel was in the original grouping and was extremely popular as a layering glaze.  When Richard Arnfield, owner of Spectrum Glazes visited us in Lawrence for our 30th Anniversary, he gave a workshop on layering, and this glaze was used as an example:

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