Bracker’s Maker Portfolio Request

Thanks for your interest – We look forward to adding you to our list of makers!

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This short paragraph should include information about yourself and your artwork.  *Bonus points* if you also reference the products you get from Bracker's to make your work (such as clay body or glazes or favorite tools), but mostly it should be about you.  :)

Social Media

In the following fields, please identify your social media handles for any of the services you use and would like listed in your profile.  You may list only your handle, or you can copy/paste a complete url.

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I understand that Bracker' Good Earth Clays will be listing my profile on their website as a customer of theirs and that images of my work my appear in social media posts by and associated with Bracker's Good Earth Clays.  By leaving this box checked, I agree to allow Bracker's to use my images and information.

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